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Salt & Fat: The Hidden “Flavors” of Restaurant Meals

Eating healthy at restaurants is harder to do than you think, but at least with chain restaurants now being required to post calorie counts, the “hidden” waist-expanders are forced into the light of day. But many restaurants are not chains. For example, your mom-and-pop diner down the street dishing out heaping platefuls of biscuits and gravy, or the fancy French restaurant in town serving deceptively ...


Illinois Wellness Group Says Salt And Fat Deadens Your Taste Buds, But You Can Get Them Back

The Illinois Wellness Group, leaders in whole-body wellness, cover where excess salt and fat are hidden, how they affect our taste buds, and what people can do to make food taste better than ever. Naperville, IL – June 9, 2014 – The Illinois Wellness Group published a new article discussing the effects of salt and fat on how we perceive taste. Restaurants and processed foods tend to pack excess salt and fat into every bite ...

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